The Unexpected Key to Getting Unblocked, Finding Your True Purpose and Unlocking Your Gifts

In this interactive talk you’ll…

  • Why the higher self uses symbols to communicate in dreams
  • The key ways your dreams show you your blind spots so you can step into your purpose
  • The #1 most common topic of dreams 
  • The five most effective techniques to increase your dream recall
  • The Dream Alchemy Process and how to use it to get unblocked, find your purpose, unlock your gifts (even when other modalities haven’t worked)

About Amy

Amy Pearson, founder of Being Amy, is a master coach, writer, dream analyst, speaker and instructor who strives to make the world a better place by telling the truth … in public. No apologies. Her coaching approach is irreverent, incisive, and deeply compassionate. She calls upon an eclectic mix of modalities, including The Work, metaphor, dream analysis, and self-compassion. Amy is currently finishing up her first book, a work of creative nonfiction called Forgiving Amy. She lives in Ashland, Oregon, with her husband, three children, one dog, two cats, five chickens, and four koi.


For me, dream work is like getting a glimpse of the secrets in your life that you need to know to help get you to the next great thing that you are destined for but only a few people ever get to find out. Your dreams completely map it all out for you. Dream work is literally life changing. I’m in my mid 50’s and one of my issues I’ve always struggled with was being able to speak up for what I really wanted and needed. After dream work, it was like a switch was turned on, and all of a sudden I was able to do it. The dream work was very helpful in pointing out the past issues, hidden in my mind, that I needed to bring to the surface in order to deal with. I don’t have many dreams (1-2 a week), and the process still worked great for me.


I tried talk therapy and for me, it was not successful. I struggled to find the right therapist and when I finally found someone, I spent months and didn’t get anywhere near where I ended up after 8 weeks of dream work. Your dreams are able to point out those hidden issues that sometimes even you didn’t know were hiding in your subconscious mind. In my opinion, if your issues are hiding in your subconscious mind, your talk therapist is never going to get access to them, and in turn, will never be able to help you deal with them. I highly recommend dream work.

Tamara Vander May

“I got into dream work after my husband died (about 4 years ago).  I didn’t do anything in the spiritual field except an occasional Reiki session.  And, I really liked my husband, so having him show up in my dreams, most nights after he died, was a very positive thing for me.  However, every time he showed up, he was trying to tell me something and I couldn’t understand him, or we couldn’t communicate well.  In my quest to figure out what he was trying to tell me, led me to Michael Sheridan. Through his program, I found out what my husband was trying to tell me, specifically through several symbols like toast and olives.  He was telling me I needed to jump back into life and not give up because he was gone.  By not engaging in life, I was throwing away what is so beautiful and spectacular about living on earth.  That really opened my eyes to how I had just stopped living after he died.  And, how I needed to do some healing and getting back into life.


I got pretty deep into the fascinating world of dream interpretation and saw how patterns I had picked up from my mom were repeating in my life, and part of my issue with moving on was from one of  those traits, in particular.  I had picked up the pattern of always putting others before me and not ever thinking to take care of myself.  So, having no experience in taking care of myself, or thinking of myself, and now having no one else to take care of, left me with no purpose.  The most shocking thing that came out of dream work focused on my mother was, even though I thought I was very like my father, I was, in fact, my mother!  Yikes, I was 60 years old and hadn’t had a clue that I had copied many of her traits and was repeating patterns of hers throughout my life.  Better late than never.  


Anyway, a few years later and I continue to heal and eliminate traits that no longer serve me, and I find I’m pretty jazzed about being alive and navigating this beautiful life myself.”

Kimbra Fracalossi

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